Additional Information Technology (IT) Services & Support

Remote Data Storage and Backup

The Cloud is just an industry term that means you no longer have to store everything you create on your desktop’s hard drive or office’s network drive. Instead you now have the ability to store it somewhere else, creating a backup which is always available. Remote, or off-site storage has become the go-to solution for securing your data and returning your peace of mind. Think of it as your bank vault for data which, in the event of a disaster, can mean real money to you and your business.

Network Services

It’s kind of a catch-all phrase that, in the broadest terms, can mean just about anything. But as it relates to your business, if it falls under the Information Technology scope then we provide the solution with industry "best practices" and the highest level of service. Over the years our clients have developed a “call us first” attitude about almost anything when it comes to business solutions because of our experience in the industry and our proven track record with each customer. There is no substitute for first-hand knowledge and the expertise that comes from experience and the collaboration with technical specialists you will receive. Contact us and you will be connected to a professional staff that you can turn to for advice and all of the latest available information.

Wireless Connectivity - P2P

Wireless Point to Point technology can be used to link locations together on a secure network. We use this to securely connect employees who telecommute or business owners who wish to check-in on their office from home or while away. This creates a private link to the "main office" from "remote" locations out in the field, sometimes quite literally. Not only do we provide P2P and WISP, or wireless service, technology which is a real benefit to our customers at the edges of internet coverage that have no other alternative here in the Santa Maria Valley.

VPN Setup

A Virtual Private Network is a secure network link that connects your employees to your office matrix through a digital "private" channel from public access points like the internet. In this type of communication transfer, security is the key component and creates a "firewall" atmosphere that protects all information coming and going. Without it, all of your data, stored or in transmission is vulnerable! The ability to work from a variety of locations has become a necessity, we offer all of the necessary components and connectivity to support the virtual office and maintain the inviolable protection of your network.

Standards, Certifications, & HIPAA

Adherence to industry standards and governmental regulation is not just part of ensuring good security measures for your business, in some cases, it's the law. We deliver both a print and network environment that is both physically and technologically secured. Standards have not only met but exceeded rigorous protocols as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services when it come to safety and security of information and ensured privacy like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA law.

VoIP Phone Systems

Let’s take your online communication to the next level. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that allows you to make digital voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Because the voice signal is being transmitted over the Internet your phone system’s service and capabilities can be expanded while you enjoy what can be huge savings over your usual phone network and carrier.