Network Services

It’s kind of a catch-all phrase that, in the broadest terms, can mean just about anything. As it relates to your business, if it’s electronic we probably sell and service it. Our clients have developed a “call us first” attitude about almost anything because of our experience in the industry. Through first-hand knowledge or through collaboration with other specialties it’s nice to have a professional that you can turn to for advice.

Wireless P2P

Wireless Point to Point technology can be used to link locations together on a private secure network. We use this to link owners to their business from home, or to link the main office to remote locations. This is a real benefit to our customers at the edges of internet coverage that have no other alternative here in the Santa Maria Valley.

Graphic Design & Corporate Identity

Our talented designer can turn your ideas into logo's, corporate image packages, banners, vehicle wraps, and more, giving you the ability to be seen and be distinguished from the crowd of competition. If you don’t have a corporate image or logo, or would like to update your image we can make that happen. Our goal is to take your concept, and create materials to make a distinct and lasting impression on your clients and prospects.

IP Cameras

Security is the obvious application, but our clients are using this for remote systems monitoring too. How much propane is left in the tank at ranch #7? Don’t send an employee out to check, pull up the camera on your smart phone. You can think of a number of labor saving ways that will have the device paying for itself many times over.

Website Development

Websites are an advertisement about you. Your website should bring in new clients. It should be easily viewed in multiple platforms, especially mobile. Brief and concise with just enough to make your audience want to contact you for more information. We develop and partner with the best professionals to accomplish that goal. Let’s get your website working for you!

VPN Setup

Virtual Private Network is a secure internet connection linking employees to the office network. Security is the key component. Without it, all your data is vulnerable and the ability to work from a variety of locations has become a necessity. We can do all the things necessary to support the virtual office and set up a VPN