Managed IT (MSP) Services

You expect performance, reliability, and security from each area of your business. The Information Technology you've invested in requires it. Collaborating with a Managed Services Provider will upgrade and strengthen your entire technology environment. Working with existing IT departments, or being your entire IT solution, every action we take is with your business' priorities in mind.

Network Security

There is no way to overstate the importance of network security. Employee, client, even patient data are at risk, as well as your financials and trade secrets. That’s why we include enterprise versions of industry leading anti-virus and malware protection software as a part of our service. We also include backup and disaster recovery solutions that protect your business from any incursion. We always use the best tools available to protect and defend your network and entire IT platform.

Preventive Maintenance

The cornerstone of Managed IT Services is preventative maintenance. Updating firmware, software patches, the monitoring of hardware health and system performance is vital and saves you in the long run. We find that proactively performing maintenance on a timely basis is the best approach to developing a reliable, robust system that you can rely on. Updates are performed nightly when released and All systems are monitored real-time, 24x7, 365 days a year.

Customer Service

Without excellent service no company will earn, or deserve, repeat business. Like you, we depend upon multiple avenues to attract new business but relationship based business we have with existing customers has become the cornerstone of our success. Delivering professional results and catering to the needs of our clientele is what has grown our business year after year. We continuously refine our service delivery offers and procedures to ensure that we are always providing the best solutions available. Anticipating, not reacting to the needs of our clients, is what keeps us a step ahead.

Consultation & Design

Part of the active management of your network includes evaluating hardware, testing for proper software performance, and delivering best practices across the board. Anticipating and preventing failure requires continuous assessment. Making those evaluations is what enables us to develop a logical action plan to address potentially vulnerable areas before they can have a negative impact on your business. We are also available for complete design and implementation of any business project.

Technical Support

We know down-time is both frustrating and costly. Whether you need phone, remote, or onsite support, we provide you with a priority response. In fact, it's the key to our entire customer service and customer satisfaction comittment we care so much about. Our support is unlimited during the normal workday, but some problems don’t occur during regular 8 - 5 business hours so we work within the confines of the problem at hand to accomplish any service required as it occurs. Get Duplicated - and get the technical support you deserve.