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Top Ten Ways to Prevent Paper Jams

February 21, 2020    |     Bill Brown

Top Ten Ways to Prevent Paper Jams

Paper Jams can be one of the most frustrating things to occur during your work day.  It's just one of those things that can make you hate technology and want a vacation.  Fortunately, before you go all "Office Space" on your printer, there are some very easy tips that can help you avoid these problems.


Try following these 10 simple steps:

1. Fan the Paper

Grab the stack of paper you are about to load in to the paper tray on one end with one hand.  Then grab the opposite end with your other hand and slightly bend the stack creating an arc but without damaging the paper.  Now use your thumb (either hand) to slowly "fan" the edge of the stack like a deck of playing cards.  This will create a little bit of separation between the pages making them easier to be selected in the machine.

2. Store Paper in a Dry Environment

Paper absorbs moisture.  If the paper becomes damp it will cause the pages to stick together which will cause paper jams inside the printer.  Also, damp pages can curl when they are printed using the double-sided print feature.

3. Do Not Over Load the Paper Tray

Too much paper in the tray will prevent the "feed tires" from properly picking up each sheet of paper.

4. Do Not Use Low Grade Paper

Before paper is cut down to the size used in your office it is stored on huge spools.  The paper closest to the center of the spool is cheaper and produces more of a curl, which can cause it to become jammed inside your machine.

5. Properly Align Paper Guides

Make sure you correctly align the paper guides on the paper tray to the proper places clearly marked for normal operation.

 6. Preventative Maintenance 

Copiers and printers have a regular maintenance cycle.  To ensure proper functionality, Rollers, Fusers, Transferbelts, Drums, and Developer all need to be proactively replaced at standard intervals.

7. Keep Rollers Clean

Keeping the rollers clean of any foreign material will prevent damage and enable the rollers to continue to ck up paper easily and efficiently.

8. Do Not Mix Paper Types

Mixing paper types such as glossy with regular will create jams because the rollers and feeders will have trouble separating them from one another during printing.

9. Check Paper Weight

Every printer and copy machine has a standard minimum and maximum paper weight that it can handle without complication.  Check and make sure that the paper you are using in your machine meets the proper requirements set forth in its documentation.

10. Do Not Reuse Paper

Once a piece of paper goes thru a Fuser it develops a curl. That curl will cause paper jams when it goes back through, just like damp pages from improperly stored paper.  The curled edges catch on moving parts when they move through the machine.

Don't burn Through Print Resources, Get Duplicated ad Get Savings!

Don't go all Office Space on your copier or printer!  Follow the easy steps provided and you're sure to have a much more productive print environment.

Bill Brown



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