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Having a Secure and Stable Network

Your business requires it.  Your business requires IT!  Information Technology encompasses all of your physical hardware and software, computers, and peripheral assets.  They are capital expenditures and tend to be expensive.  And too often, very expensive! 

Business owners and managers know what is involved in being "very expensive."  It's so much more than the initial purchase price or the added cost of a maintenance contract.  Down time, frustration, lower morale, it can all kill productivity in the office and stifle your employee's ability to create and connect.  The Opportunity cost of computers, software, or network connectivity that is at best problematic or has routine, almost regular problems, can be immense.  During these downtimes potential is squandered, and in many businesses being offline costs real dollars.  For every minute you aren't able to sell, process orders, or be generally available, customers go elsewhere and your credibility as a company is tarnished.  What's so amazing about this is that it has somehow become acceptable, even expected!  Not many other industries would survive the amount of breakdowns and failures your IT equipment presents you with, even automobiles can be forcibly returned under the Lemon Law.  So why do we go through the constant pain of slow computers, email, application errors, and networks going offline?  Because we have been told that we have to.  Add to that the number of times you tell yourself, "just give it a minute... it always does this... it'll start working again in a sec..."  Ever tried to total up that time?  Ridiculous, isn't it?  OK.  It's OK.  Just breathe.  Count to five, then read on and we'll get to the good stuff.

Bring Clarity to your Network and Servers with Duplicated Security Solutions

So, what can make it better?  We're currently in a phase where new technology is moving forward at light speed.  Innovation and a reapplication of new or faster arrays to existing technologies and devices has added clarity, making older concepts finally take off and newer more robust systems become available almost weekly.  Your business now has access to better technology and connectivity than huge corporations were using just a couple of years ago.  Equipment and applications that were once unrealistically expensive are now obsolete and being replaced by smaller, faster gadgets that most small businesses can readily afford.  What's most needed is usually direction.  What to get and why.  A trusted advisor that can guide you and your business to exactly what it needs, no more, no less.  At the same time, the technology and equipment you decide on should be robust and have the ability of added functionality for a greater overall scope as your business grows, expands, or needs access to more fields or users.  Being able to avoid the quandary of having a giant expenditure on IT capital for equipment that goes obsolete the moment or even before it's up and running will have your CFO, especially if that's you - the small business owner, breathing a sigh of relief instead of scrambling to justify large purchases with a constant chase for ROI.  You know who you are.  One of the biggest mistakes made by companies over the last decade, this coming from firms such as Accenture and Ernst & Young, is the death-grip like hold they have on existing hardware and the decisions that force IT Departments and incoming consultants to marry new products to old obsolete "boxes" which leaves everyone frustrated, plus the end product is never what it should be.  It never acts in a predictable way or actually achieves the original goal set because different systems and technology platforms have been linked together with some sort of created middleware and coding nightmare that none of the products involved were ever designed or manufactured to utilize.  And what happens is, more and more money is spent on a lengthier project than necessary and a constant break/fix it's on fire again routine that leaves everyone walking on eggshells.  This happens way too often at large corporations where they have money to throw at problems, but we also see it on a smaller scale.  Local small to medium sized businesses can end up following the same pattern and quickly get to a point where they need a new approach.

Network Monitoring and Proactive Security with Full-Scale Safety Implementation and Updates at each Connectivity Junction and Access PointAt some point you realize that your office has grown to the point where you need to be on a server.  Seat licenses, updates and patches, email, wireless and mobile devices, copiers and printers - it grows to be too much to manage on your own and bringing in the break/fix computer tech to fix each new problem is eating into your profits.  "Shouldn't they have caught this beforehand?"  "Why do they have to spend so much time diagnosing their own handiwork?"  Talk about built-in job security!  What we often find is what some technical experts refer to as a "Frankenstein" of a system.  Pieces and parts added to your IT infrastructure over time that eventually turn into a massive and expensive one-of-a-kind backbone to your network that no one can really quite understand or service.  That's bad.  And you end up constantly chasing issues and problems in circles, and... spending more and more money.  Why?  Because the IT tech told you to.  What else can you do?  Well, for starters, you can read up on and educate yourself on how to build and manage a network from the ground up, you can even find thousands of reference materials online, just remember, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln.  So, here's what I would suggest.  Ask around.  Talk to other business owners in your area.  Find out how they tackled the same issues and with whom.  Talk to them about a Managed Service Provider.  Ask whether they chose partial services that augmented their current IT solution or department, or if it was cheaper to just have their full technology platform managed for them.  Then call your local Managed Service Provider - us.  We have the experience and know-how to get you back up and running, and to stay that way. 

Network Services and Security is the core to any IT infrastructure and only trained technical experts should be setting up and monitoring yours.  In this age of Phishing, Malware and Viruses, and now - Ransomware, every connection point across your The Increase in Ransomware Attacks has Business Owners Worried.  Get Duplicated.  And get a Secure and Protected Network!environment can be vulnerable and needs expert attention.  Even your copiers and printers can be accessible, and they store every document and bit of data that was transmitted to them plus they can be the insertion point into your stored data, backups, and every drive you may not even know they are connected to.  Recently, another point of attack was revealed when it was broadcasted that many Point of Sale systems are also, and often without your full awareness, conveniently storing your data in order to provide a backup and recovery solution for lost customer lists or information, and inventory.  Problem is, quite a few of the manufacturers of these POS systems were listing the administrator password to access these built-in databases online - to help.  Hackers clued into this and have been intercepting customer data and sometimes even destroying inventory or other valuable records.  Not so convenient!  Yet completely avoidable - if you have the right team in place.

Get Duplicated, and you will have the latest in protection.  Our Network security specialists monitor your network for any security threats or unauthorized users.  Using passive and automated programs, they analyze potential risks and new forms of possible intrusion and develop response procedures across your entire IT environment.  Experience and measures taken at other client sites are immediately put in place at your business to strengthen your network and prevent known problems.  Testing by software tools and the latest in malware protection products are deployed, firewalls and intrusion detection methods are constantly fine-tuned.   Access to files and directories in your computer network will be blocked to hackers and any misuse or unauthorized changes to your system denied.  The underlying network infrastructure is encapsulated putting an end to known viruses and any threat of ransomware.  Added to that, a complete and ready to load backup is kept to quickly return your network to operational status with limited loss or downtime.

Preventive measures also avert the following data issues:

🚧  Unauthorized Access

🚧  Misuse

🚧  Malfunction

🚧  Modification

🚧  Destruction

🚧  Improper Disclosure

🚧  Theft

Securing your network is creating a protected platform for your computers, users, and programs to operate on.  With the proper tools included in the Duplicated Business Suite like a comprehensive business class AntiVirus, our Managed Service builds a fast and stable platform for all of your computers and networked devices to run consistently and without delays.  Let us show you how one is created and you and your staff can go back to concentrating on the business at hand.  Why wait any longer or continue to waste time and money waiting for mission critical functionality to return?  For more information or to get a professional assessment of your current system, please select the More Information button below and someone from the Duplicated Team will contact you.  Let's get you back on track with the security and service you deserve.

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