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Duplicated’s Strengthens Service Team By Acquiring TM Concepts

July 12, 2024    |     Conner Windust

For the last few years Duplicated Business Solutions has been building a strong reputation in the Central Valley. We credit this to our philosophy of transparency and dedication to our customers. Every day, we continue to ask ourselves; What’s most important to our customers? The answer was clear… speed and consistency.


The challenge was clear… our customer base has been growing but we needed to maintain the same premier level of service.


But, couldn’t we just hire more technicians? Not exactly. Our customers want experienced and knowledgable technicians, not newbies. We decided it’s time to take our service to the next level and we did just that by teaming up with Fresno’s own TM Concepts. By acquiring TMC, a very reputable copier service company, our service department has gained decades of experience and is now better positioned to be the best of the best.


Long story short, this means that both Duplicated and TMC customers will have access to faster, more knowledgable service. If your company needs a reliable copier service team, we're the cream of the crop. Call us today (559) 365-7770!


P.S. Check out the new Duplicated cars, if you see us driving around don't forget to wave!


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